Medical Thermography is an essential tool that can show health conditions, like inflammation, injury, and stress, in their early stages when they’re easier to treat. Dedicated to helping patients stay on top of their health, the physicians and the holistic health care team at Integrated Medical Healthcare Services, PLLC, in Newburgh, New York, offer Medical Thermography. This non-invasive tool uses advanced infrared technology to assess heat patterns and blood flow in various places of your body to identify problem areas. To learn more about Medical Thermography and how it benefits your health, contact the office by phone or schedule an appointment online today.

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What is Medical Thermography?

Thermography is a highly sensitive analysis of the largest, most intelligent, and most available organ of the body: the skin.

Thermography uses an infrared camera to detect heat patterns and blood flow in body tissues. Thermography studies are non-invasive imaging techniques that are intended to measure the skin surface temperature distribution of various organs and tissues. The state-of-the-art clinical test is painless, and there is no exposure to radiation.

The FDA accepts the following indications for use: “Thermography is intended for use as an adjunct to other clinical diagnostic procedures for quantifying and screening of differences in skin surface temperature changes.”

Thermography is not a stand-alone diagnostic tool; it can be used with any other unspecified tests such as X-ray, mammogram, MRI, CT, etc.

What happens during my Medical Thermography?

The team at Integrated Medical Healthcare Services, PLLC performs your thermography study at the office. They are committed to providing the finest care in a comfortable environment. You will be provided with specific guidelines in advance on how to prepare and what to expect during the session.

Once you arrive for your thermography study and enter the thermography room, you will be allowed to privately change into an exam gown, leaving on your undergarments. Then, your provider will review your medical history and collect any other pertinent information, allowing your body temperature time to acclimate to the temperature of the room.

Once acclimated, a series of images are taken. The number of images may depend on the type of Thermography Study you are having done. The entire session may take 30-90 minutes and requires no downtime afterward.

What happens after my Medical Thermography?

A team of medical physicians reviews the images captured during your thermography study and writes a report of the findings. The team at Integrated Medical Healthcare Services, PLLC can schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the results of your test with you.

If the team finds abnormalities from your thermography study, they may suggest additional diagnostic testing to confirm or rule out any suspected causes.

Thermography is a non-invasive technique that provides valuable information about your health and wellness. To schedule an appointment to learn more, call Integrated Medical Healthcare Services, PLLC, or book online today.